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Associate in Business Administration-Visual Communication
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Master of Accounting and Financial Management
Associate Degree in Accounting Technology
Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management
Bachelors in Game and Simulation Programming
Bachelor of Interior Design
Bachelor of Arts in English
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management (foreign language)
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management

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Capella University  

Founded in 1993, Capella University offers the ideal, widely regarded and advanced education system. Capella University has a dedicated staff and well-managed population of students.

Accredited by the higher learning commission and as a member of North Central Association, Capella University pushes contemporary online education to higher stages. Capella University provides real challenges of life to its students, aiming to teach them the excellence and professionalism. Located in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota - Capella University is dedicated towards creating the multicultural ambience with diversity of experienced staff and faculty.

Capella University was founded with the aim of changing the academic and schooling trends according to the contemporary needs and targets. Capella offers both graduate and post graduate online programs in wide variety of courses. Few are given below: 

  • Business
  • Psychology
  • Education
  • IT
  • Human Services

What make Capella University different from others are its advanced integrated online chat rooms and sessions, strong alumni association and teaching quality. To help people know more about Capella University and to maintain transparency in it’s work, Capella news section regularly updates and releases, fact sheets, information, feature stories and much more.

Innovating and promoting creativity, intelligence and willingness to succeed has been a mission aiming the professional faculty members of Capella University. Thus at Capella, students with the capabilities and potential are always helped with their placement and job search.

With a high standard of online education program, Capella aims to serve the people and society. At Capella’s, online class sessions, with 24 hours internet access, you can connect and contribute in the class sessions and discussions anytime you want. Capella University’s dedication and online program makes sure that you don’t have to compromise with your work anymore. 

Owned by Capella Education Company, a publicly traded company, Capella University is the most regarded and appreciated institution for its technologically superior online degree programs. With no more adjustments in schedules, well incorporated classrooms and a guarantee of finding a job, Capella University serves you with more than you can think of.

With an accredited and esteemed online degree program of Capella University, offering the best of bachelors, masters and associate degrees, you can move ahead and forward in your career and life.

University Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
BS in Business Administration-Accounting
Bachelor in Human Resource Management
BBA in Marketing
Bachelor Degree in Business Administration - Project Management

MBA in Accounting
MBA in Finance
MBA in Operations Management
MBA in Marketing
MBA in Project Management
MBA in Technology Management
MBA in Health Care Management
MBA in Human Resource Management
MBA in Entrepreneurship

Bachelor Degree in Finance

Science and Medical
Master of Science in Psychology
Master of Public Health
Master of Science in Psychology – Clinical Psychology

Master of Adult Education
M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction
Master of Education in Leadership of Learning

Computers and I.T
Master in Networking and Communication Management

Bachelors in Criminal Justice
Bachelor Degree in Homeland Security

Doctorate Programs
PhD in Accounting
PhD in General Business
PhD in Human Resources Management
PhD in General Information and Technology
Doctor of Business Administration
PhD in Organizational-Industrial Psychology
PhD in Curriculum and Instruction
PhD in Educational Psychology
PhD in Health Care Administration
PhD in Criminal Justice
PhD in Emergency Management
PhD in Public Policy and Administration

Masters in Criminal Justice
Master of Public Administration

Computers and I.T
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Bachelor of Information Technology in Information Assurance and Security