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Associate in Business Administration-Visual Communication
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Master of Accounting and Financial Management
Associate Degree in Accounting Technology
Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management
Bachelors in Game and Simulation Programming
Bachelor of Interior Design
Bachelor of Web Design and Multimedia
BS in IT Graphics and Multimedia
Bachelor of Arts in English
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management (foreign language)
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management
 Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University is an excellent online teaching institute founded by Dr. Robert Mayes to meet the requirements of working students looking for a convenient way to learn more, while managing their day to day busy routine. Columbia Southern University is designed to support career minded adults with higher educational ambitions and aspirations.

At the online teaching program of Columbia Southern University, students not only get a flexible mode of earning a degree while working, but also get a friendly environment to assist their goals of higher education from home. A substitute to the conventional form of education, Columbia Southern University has an inexpensive form of education that lets students attend classes anytime of the day, from anywhere in the world. Students not only get to decide their own schedule for their classes and learning, but also get the liberty to set the pace of their education. The self-paced education system allows even the busiest student to learn more and get that degree or certificate he/she needs for a career boost.

Columbia Southern University is also known for its resources, tools and services offered to students studying from home via internet. The efficient web-education provided by Columbia Southern University is based on online exchange of study material, online group discussions, online communication between teachers and students, as well as open communication among students. Students also get to enjoy tools like blackboard login, student handbook, student testimonials, school newsletter, university news, career center, writing resources, photo contest and much more. All the resources and online tools provided by Columbia Southern University are aimed at offering students with interactive and interesting form of education that is no less than any traditional academic session.

Columbia Southern University is a recognized member of Distance Education and Training Council or DETC. Being a fully online academic institute, Columbia Southern University ensures that its courses and programs are well-accepted and acknowledged as any normal on-campus course or program. Thus, all the degree and certificates are fully approved and accepted by respective councils. Courses at CSU are acknowledged by U.S Department of Education. The accreditation means that the courses taken from Columbia Southern University hold the same weight as any other course. Students who plan of transferring their credits can easily find graduate school that accept and acknowledge Columbia Southern University’s transfer credits.

Degrees offered by Columbia Southern University are open to students from different backgrounds and age. The different areas covered by this online academic organization include general education, finance, business, hospitality and tourism, criminal justice and fire science, psychology, occupational safety and health, health care administration, e-business, project management, criminal justice administration, administration to information technology and more.

University Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Computers and I.T
Bachelor of Science in Information Management
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Bachelor of Science Technology Management

Master of Business Administration in Hospitality and Tourism Management
MBA in Sports Management