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Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management

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Graceland University  

Graceland University was founded in the year 1895 and is dedicated to provide the students with quality education, Christian values, and developing leadership qualities. In the year 1917, Graceland University became the primary certified junior college and further, in the year 1960, it became a four year college. In the beginning, the college only had eighteen students per class, four staff members, and a Dean. Graceland University bears a tradition of providing its students with affordable and easy online programs that successfully meets the needs and requirements of the present competitive world.

Graceland University is a part of North Central Association and is certified by HLC (Higher Learning Commission). The education programs of Graceland’s teacher are certified by NCATE (National Council for Accreditation of Teach Education) and the nursing programs of Graceland University are certified by CCNE (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education).    

The focus of Graceland University is on bringing out the potential of its online students and educating them for a successful career, higher studies, and a better life. The students are provided with career-oriented practical knowledge and different forms of learning that help the students to become proficient to face both personal and professional challenges. Graceland University offers the students with unique education system along with their online degree courses. Some of the courses those are offered by Graceland University are as follows:

  • Nursing
  • Learning & Teaching  
  • Special Education
  • Educational Technology

Graceland University offers the students with most affordable programs on the internet. Students are also offered financial help, counseling; and it helps in security loans also. The programs are certified nationally and regionally. Graceland University’s mission is to promote lifetime learning. The learning environment provides the assistance and promotes Christian values and respect for everybody.

Graceland University makes its education very convenient and that is the reason they have selected e-college as their online platform. This way the students are offered a great interface along with a great chance of gaining a learning experience making the students feel like learning in a real classroom. They have easy access to their study material round the clock so it suits those working students as well, who work in shifts. Just in case they face any technical problems, the students are offered round the clock support.

The faculty of Graceland University has the top most degrees and doctorate in their own respective fields. They are quite active in their fields and they share their knowledge with the students to increase their exposure with the changing trends.

Graceland University educate the students for both spiritual and educational growth.

University Degrees

M.Ed in Education Administration