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Associate in Business Administration-Visual Communication
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Master of Accounting and Financial Management
Associate Degree in Accounting Technology
Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management
Bachelors in Game and Simulation Programming
Bachelor of Interior Design
Bachelor of Arts in English
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management (foreign language)
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management

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Liberty University  

Liberty University is world’s biggest evangelical university with over 27,000 of its students studying online. The students are provided with high quality education in a unique Christian atmosphere. Liberty University was founded in the year 1971 as Lynchburg Baptist College by a senior Pastor. Earlier the university was known as Baptist College and it was in the year 1985 that it got its modern name. Liberty University is portrayed as Christian educational society, having a mission of encouraging both spiritual and educational aspects of the students.

Liberty University got its certification by commission on Colleges of Southern Association of Colleges and Schools for masters, doctoral, bachelors and associates degrees in the year 1980. The university is still certified by SACS, the law school that got opened in the year 2003 got temporary certification from American Bar Association in the year 2006. With this certification, the graduates can easily give any of the bar examination in America.

The online courses of Liberty University which used to have a format of 16 weeks duration, now has been modified to 8 weeks course which makes it more convenient for the students to complete their degree. Being a Christian University, high standard of education is maintained along with maintaining the holy standards. Liberty University realizes that the education develops student’s career and therefore help them in providing with the certified online degrees programs, aiming at an efficient education system. Following are programs those are offered by Liberty University:

  • Religion
  • Business
  • General Studies
  • Criminal Justice
  • Psychology
  • Management Information
  • Psychology - Christian Counseling
  • Accounting

Liberty University is better than the rest in offering everything that students require to be successful in their lives. It offers its students with round the clock access to the education in any part of the world. The tuition rates are also very affordable as compared to the other universities. The students are provided with an individual academic counselor to assist in their educational career.

The institution acknowledges financial help and also provide its students with a wide variety of payment choices that makes it easier for the students to earn their degree. Liberty University has different schools concentrated on academic brilliance. With a number of certified bachelor degrees and graduate degrees, Liberty University aspires to develop student’s education.

Liberty University makes sure that the online students receive the same level of education as the on-campus students. It offers the students with academic support, spiritual guidance and technical assistance. Students enjoy a chance of earning while they learn. Liberty University offers a wide variety of resident and distance learning scholarships to the potential students. Some of the scholarships are provided to the students with the help of funds and self-governing associations.

University Degrees

Master of Science in Accounting - Taxation
Master of Accounting and Financial Management

Science and Medical
Master of Public Health
Master of Science in Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
BS in Business Administration-International Business
BS in Business Administration-Accounting
BBA in Marketing
Bachelor Degree in Business Administration - Technical Communication
Bachelor in Human Resource Management
Bachelor Degree in Business Administration - Project Management
Bachelor Degree in Business Administration - Business Information Systems

Master of Business Administration

Bachelor Degree in Finance

BA in Psychology - Criminal Justice Concentration
Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship
Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Associate Degree in Accounting Technology

Bachelor of Science in History

Associate in Business Administration
AAS in Business Administration - Information Systems Management
Associate Degree in Business

Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education
Associate of Arts in Psychology

Master of Information Systems

Doctorate Programs
Doctor of Business Administration
PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision
PhD in Curriculum and Instruction

Bachelors in Criminal Justice
Bachelor Degree in Homeland Security
Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies

Associate in Criminal Justice
AA in Paralegal Studies

Masters in Criminal Justice
Master of Public Administration

Computers and I.T
Bachelor of Science in Database Technologies
Bachelor of Information Technology in Information Assurance and Security
Bachelor of Web Development
Bachelor Degree in Network Security

MBA in Human Resource Management
MBA in International Business
MBA in Marketing
MBA in Project Management
MBA in Accounting
MBA in Health Care Management
MBA in Public Administration
MBA in Sports Management

Master of Science in Management - Public Relations

Science and Medical
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
BBA in HealthCare Management
Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Informatics