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Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management

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With campuses all over the United States, TechSkills has evolved as a nationally renowned institute providing both on-campus and flexible online learning programs, to adult students in Information Technology, Healthcare services and Business. The unique methodologies used at TechSkills are an integration of practical and traditional learning.

The student-oriented courses provided at TechSkills are specifically designed for the working adults, who are looking forward to advancement in their careers or aiming qualification enhancement. Online learning environment at TechSkills is also perfect for students looking forward to start fresh with a new career. Trainings at TechSkills can be started anytime by the students as per their convenience.

TechSkills uses advanced technology and learning techniques to impart knowledge to the students. The instructors at TechSkills are the experienced professionals with immense proficiency in their fields. Individual attention is provided to students in the form of personal instructors, who provide full support by answering all their queries, encouraging them, as well as observing and assessing their progress report. The qualified students get the benefit of Scholarships, Loans, Veterans Affairs benefit and Grants.

The live network designed by TechSkills provides online students with 24/7 and easy access to their online course programs and sessions. The students at TechSkills have the liberty to select the best combination of courses as per their choice.

Many organizations get their employees enrolled with TechSkills to provide them Technical and Medical education. With the knowledge gained at TechSkills, the employees are able to use their training skills into the real job environment.

Degrees and Programs offered-

The degrees offered at TechSkills are an amalgamation of modern and traditional education system.   The career placement tools at TechSkills helps the students in acquiring a rewarding career in the fields of their preference.

Basically, TechSkills provides training programs in the fields of Information Technology, Healthcare services and Business. Its course program covers subjects like Medical Coding, Medical transcription, Medical Billing, Medical Office Administration, Pharmacy Technician, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, CompTIA, Webdesign, IT security, Microsoft Office Applications, Accounting and Bookkeeping.

The Project Management and Business Analysis training programs are offered through the Boston University Corporate Education Center is operated by TechSkills, LLC, and part of the Corporate Education Group.


TechSkills is an outstanding institute designed to impart the progressive technical and medical degree programs to the adult learners. TechSkills is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET).

University Degrees

Computers and I.T
Diploma in Network Administration