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Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management

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Villanova University  

Established in year 1842 by the brothers of the Order of St.Augustine, Villanova University is a reputed Catholic academic institute. The university has been providing students with a high-class education system for years now. In year 1997, Villanova University also started its distance education program aimed at reaching students who cannot attend regular lectures and classes at the Univerasity’s campus.

Villanova University adopted higher form of education in 2003 with use of rich media for its delivery process. The technology used by Villanova University allows all its online students to enjoy distance education as any normal education. Students get to take part in live classes, access complete study material along with compilation of past class lectures, as well as gets to interact and share ideas with fellow classmates and the teachers. Other technology based tools used by Villanova to teach its students include two-way interaction through group sessions, chat rooms, individual as well as group assignments and projects, message board and classes with video and audio streams.

The distance education program at Villanova University is specially crafted for students who have professional or personal commitments. Students who are working and wish to earn a degree or certificate in the subject of their profession, students who live in some other city or country as well as the ones who have a family to take care of, are the kind of students Villanova aims to serve at its online programs. Since all the programs are online and depend upon the online interaction, students do not have to attend on-campus lectures or classes.

Villanova and its education programs are accredited by the AACSB International, Computing Science Accreditation Board and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

Villanova University maintains same level of excellence in its online education programs just like its on-campus programs, to let online students earn an accredited education with ease.

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